You dream it, we build it. It’s as simple as THAT. Well...

We know it’s not always as simple as “THAT” but that’s why Maverick Manufacturing is here.

  • NO Matter what the certification: CE, ROHS, SELO, IPC
  • NO Matter what level of standards your company desires

Maverick Manufacturing is capable of getting you exactly what you require. With Maverick Manufacturing's years of experience, we know what standards are and how hard it can be to find the right supplier. We do all that legwork and then some; our standards are higher than all the other manufacturers you’ll ever experience. But just like our name says, we are Mavericks at what we do. We find all that is needed and supply you with the best. We don’t expect to be doing just the standard; we are expected to BE the standard. With that, you get the little things at no extra costs. We believe in the traceability of product and with that measurements and testing of the product to make sure it’s right when it comes to you.

Customer Service

  1. Maverick has a complete sales force dedicated to you and your business
  2. Direct Line All the Time
  3. Once we meet, you are set up with a customer sales advocate and an engineer who are in direct contact with you. They will ensure you are informed and involved in criterion, due dates, and rev levels
  4. Our processes make the order entry and review of your product run smoothly

Maverick is a direct reflection upon ourselves with your business name in mind.

With so many years in the manufacturing and engineering industries, Maverick has seen it all. Watching the successes and failures of other organizations left us feeling as if we could have done better. We strive to orchestrate fluid communication between engineering staff and the floor. We develop processes for the assembly staff to repeat the builds to the highest quality over and over, making ordering of produced products easier and faster for our customers. These are just some of the philosophies that Maverick has lived by in order to work cohesively with our customers. Manufacturing isn’t always enjoyable but that’s where Maverick starts to make it enjoyable for you. We plan on taking on your headaches and giving you the guarantee that Maverick will have you covered. Our staff is instilled with a great attitude while working with you and making your day enjoyable. Working with Maverick will always be a professional experience and we personally take a sense of pride in building strong relationships with our business partners.

There are people in this world that accept the norm and live in it happily. The select few that don’t accept this and thus make a future brighter and more efficient than in past lives are the ones to bring on change for the good. A maverick is known to be independent and alone but also one that learns to listen and stay reserved in the right times; are the ones that can surprise the world with better changes. Mavericks should always share their independent spirits and surround themselves with similar types of souls.

Contact Details


Toll Free: 952-237-7019

Address: 21725 Hamburg Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044